Panchakarma Detoxification

Written by Daniel S.

                I will begin by saying that this process has benefitted my entire being. It is not the easiest diets/detox, yet it is not really all too difficult to go through, and after it’s over you will be glad that you kept with it. I am extremely pleased with the result. This may sounds little over the top, I thought the same as I wrote this, yet I am a much happier person because of the Panchakarma detox. Weight loss, focus of mind, a ton of natural energy, and an all-around cleansing of mind, body, and soul. During the detox I was also doing a little bit of yoga and just starting back at the gym, but this desk gut was much happier by the end of it, I’m even planning on doing the detox again and keeping it as a yearly or multi-yearly routine, not even two months after I did the first one. It’s easy to cheat and lie to yourself that you can get away with a little extra snack, or a sip of an energy drink, but don’t do it, resist the temptation and finish the detox. I did have some help of my friends to keep me on track, and I thank them for it.

                Kimberly has come up with a great plan, and feel free to ask her for tips and suggestions on how to modify bits of the detox depending on your personal situation. Her warm heart and beautiful smile will get you to the end of it, and it will be well worth it.