Get Started with Ayurveda.

Whether you’re looking to maintain wellness or have a specific health issue or concern…Ayurveda can help.

An initial Ayurvedic consultation provides an in depth analysis of our own unique makeup and provides an understanding of causative factors that may be present if an illness is present. Specific guidance in the form of lifestyle and dietary advice, complete with recipes. Herbal care, bodywork and detoxification therapies may also be recommended.

 “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” - Aristotle

     During the initial Ayurvedic Consultation, the underlying qualities which create imbalance will be discovered through examination, health history, and getting to know the patient. (1-2 hours). Ayurvedic diagnosis is made by:

  • Doshic Assessment-  through questions and physical exam

  • Comprehensive questions on wellness and lifestyle history

  • Food/Nutrition assessment

  • Tongue Analysis

  • Pulse Analysis

  • Nail, Skin and Hair Analysis

  • PH Balance Testing through Salvia

After the initial consultation is complete, I will provide you with your customized plan (via email) with the following:

  • The Results of your Dosha percentages – your natural and altered state of balance

  • A breakdown of which imbalances may be present causing your symptoms - the Ayurvedic point of view.

  •  Individualized Nutritional Plan, Food Shopping list & Recipes will be provided based on your unique constitution.

  • Exercise, Yoga, Pranayama (breathing) or Meditation Instruction may be provided.

  • Herbal care & Bodywork treatment therapy may be recommended.

  Initial Consultation & Report of Findings - $125

Follow-up Visits: Here we will discuss changes that have taken place since the implementation of recommendations. We will discuss herbal formulas (if you decide to add it to your plan). Your plan may be altered or we may add in some additional changes.


Follow up visits - $65

(Consultations available through Skype for those outside the area or traveling.)


-- Click here to download the New Client Questionnaire --


* Herbal formulas are at an additional cost (based on recommendation and dosage) but are affordable and optional. I have hand-crafted herbal remedies or I may suggest other Ayurvedic herbal products from reputable sources that are organic, made traditionally and of the highest quality.


Personal wellness sessions are in-depth and will address each person's level of health - on physical and emotional basis.

Be prepared to have a cup of tea in a very relaxing and inviting environment. I always provide an abundance of information, so feel free to bring along a notebook. I will provide a copy of your treatment plan to you.

I am available by appointment. Contact me anytime to schedule a visit!