Our mission is to share the healing traditions and wisdom of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine through education to promote a natural approach to health and well-being and immersion by providing a unique and enriching cultural experience.

Merging the two most enduring and comprehensive traditional natural healing systems – Ayurveda from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from China. These two healing systems have withstood the test of time and have much in common. They both aim to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit and align one’s own individual nature with that of the greater whole. By moving in harmony with nature, we begin to understand our own true inherent natures. At Celestial Healing Retreats, we seek to provide an environment for healing, relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, empowerment and transformation. This is accomplished by the exploration of the philosophies, practices and treatments of these 2 ancient healing cultures.

There will be enriching and informative lectures on the many aspects of Ayurveda and TCM to translate how they can integrate into our daily lives for optimal health and wellness. For example, we will tailor unique mind/body wellness programs that may incorporate Yoga and Pranayama from India and also Tai Chi and Qi Gong from China. We will learn techniques for quieting the mind through meditation and perform mindfulness exercises such as calligraphy and mandala design. We will awaken the spirit with devotional music programs that may include mantra from India and Guquin tunings from China. We will focus on cultivating healthy lifestyle practices and provide diet and nutritional guidance, which includes healthy and organic daily vegetarian meal plans.

At Celestial Healing Retreats, we believe in an integrative approach to health and wellness and may also employ the use of other healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy or Reiki (for example). We also support the conservation and preservation of other indigenous cultures, native plants and traditional medicines of the particular region of which we are traveling. Our goal is also to provide enriching cultural experiences with respect to the people and traditional customs of the area. There may also be nature excursions and/or sightseeing tours, which may include: kayaking/paddleboarding or a serene hike in nature.

Give yourself the opportunity to unplug from the rest of the world and plug into yourself. And discover how Ayurveda and TCM may be catalyst for healing and positive transformation in your life and create experiences and memories to last a lifetime!